Why women suck

I must start by saying that not all women fall into the category of a sucky person. However the more women I get to know the more I see a very manipulative gender who claim to be suppressed but have throughout the ages have found out how to control a large part of mankind through subversive methods. Recently the need for power and control was wooed many women out into the open. No longer needing to be subversive and manipulate men to have power but can outright take the power they feel they deserve.

This blog will focus on my own experiences of female interactions and how after 4 kids and almost 20 years of marriage I realize how I have been duped. I come from a traditionally raised background of conservative Mormonism and a large family of 8 kids. I was the youngest and had 3 siblings with 7 children old enough to be my own parents. I was 42 nieces and nephews being raised nearly my own age. I saw the interactions of their marriages. I myself having a high functioning autism have a magnificent memory and capability to recall fine details and have made a career of solving problems and being able to see solutions easily though logic. Logic that would blow no me to emotional torture and manipulation. I would be able to easily be swayed by my upbringing of eternal marriage and that through an eternal perspective I had a greater goal to work through problems. I was taught through 3 hrs of church and church classes a week to honor your wife, help and serve your wife and without her you can never reach mans greatest potential of becoming a god under out fatherly gods rule.

Thus it was imperative to do whatever was necessary to keep your relationship healthy. HOWEVER. I realized later in life this is hogwash. A plan concocted by women to keep their men in line. The best Mormon men are all pussy whipped and though to the outside world. It looks like the Mormon women are held down and not allowed authority, they indeed really “wear the pants” in the church and their homes.

Why would a women really want to take on the full role of the priesthood or head of household. Why do all that work when you can control the drone MAN into doing the work and doing what the women wants. If the women is good enough she can have her cake and eat it too.  This has been how women have controlled men and enjoyed their personal lifestyle. Though women choose their life style individually. Whether is be to scrapbook, leisure time, beautifying themselves, taking kids to park and enjoying childhood. It is their choice and as most women agree their RIGHT as women. Though I doubt many women will admit that they get the best end of the deal if they are not required to work. Women in general do get to enjoy statistically longer life and a lower level of stress than their male counterparts.

Men over the years have protested too little. They are so driven by their need for sex that they will do anything for a women who meets his usually small need for a regular ego boost. They have coined a few phrases such as the ball and chain which truly classifies marriage.

Take a good look at modern marriages in western society. Marriages is all about the bride. It’s her day. Rarely is the groom even discussed of involved in this special day. After watching every episode of David Tutera’s my fair wedding TV show with my daughters. I was disgusted at how little the groom had to do with anything but show up. My own daughters caught up in the hoopla talked of their wedding. I was quick to correct them that the wedding was unimportant. Who they were marrying and why was paramount. I told them there was to be no more talk of a wedding day unless first they could discuss the person they would marry, why the traights they wanted were important and what they were going to do to contribute to the marriage. That ended all discussion. Who wants to talk of reality when you can have your dreams. Disney sells the lie the best of life as a Princess. The modern woman is entitled, selfish, beautiful and to be worshipped. Anything less is unacceptable. Sadly enough men have given in to this. Mothers and fathers have raised daughters to be useless creatures without ambition except to trap a man and live happily ever after. For Mormon women to live forever with their man. And if they work it right, that man will be under their spell of control for eternity to make their life easy.

I however am sick and tired of being marriage to a lazy selfish woman who has ever since our first born child made it her job to do whatever she wanted, serving only her own needs and the needs of the children she wanted with complete disregard to the person who made her life easy and possible. My marriage is ending and the demands for money has begun. More than even is in the current budgets. I was TOLD I can just work harder to meet her demand so she could have her own home. This coming from a wife who spent the last 3 years working with a personal alotment of family money equal to her own full salary. i realize she had been planning the divorce for years and positioning herself to ditch me when in her best interest and be able to get the financial support she needed. Secretly plotting, passive agressively keeping her man plodding along paying down obligations incurred over economic downturns. Pushing her man away just enough to get her space and keep him out of the way but close enough to keep him paying. She used his dedication to the children to manipulate him for the children’s benefit while gaining her independence before the big power grab.

I intend to discuss my experiences through divorce proceedings as I watch what was just recently told to me as “I am divorcing you because I love you so much” turn to what I expect to be the reality. The truth of never loving me expect loving what I could give to her. The woman wants praise, titilation and money. Whether deserved or not. If you do not pay homage to the vagina and a women’s emotional demands she is quick to bite the hand that feeds her and demand all that the man has as punishment for his treachery. This is how the western world works. She gets what she wants and continues to do so even after no longer having to provide anything in return to the man but scorn. Why? Because male judges controlled by women made it so, politicians who were male made it so. Why? So they would not get the same punishment.

Marriage to women is like belonging to a brutal gang. Mess with the boss and you will get pummeled. If any other gang members don’t cover up and protect the boss then then will get pummeled to. Women are the bosses and they need to be overthrown.

Ever wonder why more and more men are turning gay. Because they cannot fathom a relationship with a woman.  Men’s relationships are most often or greater equality than a male women relationship. Why do lesbian relationships always have a masculine women? Because women are overlords by nature either direct or indirect and want to be in control. However the butchest of women who want public control are still manipulated by their submissive counterpart.

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