Anything but logic

Today it was being discussed with the kids how my soon to be exwife is not only getting 1 kitten which the older daughter fostered from a stray cat. But now a 2nd kitten is being purchased so both daughters can have their own cat. Why? 

Because when my wife was going through her parents divorce as a teen her mom let her sister have an indoor dog. She had always wanted one and never got a dog of her own. She felt it was unfair. As a background the family always had plenty of dogs and cats on the ranch, just no specific indoor pets. 

So because she is jealous of her sister and felt he needed her own dog she is getting another cat. We already have 2 and now post divorce will be caring for 4 cats. Why don’t they take the existing cats? Because the current cats are outdoor/garage cats and they want their i.e. spoiled flea free indoor cat so they are leaving the cats to get 2 more. Makes no sense to me. The kids will live with me and the two cats half time, they will get dropped off here every day to catch school bus. They will return here everyday after school.  They get the cats they have. When my wife said the other daughter wanted the kitten that younger daughter stated it did not but that mom was pushing for a 2nd cat.  What is going on is my wife is reliving and recreating her childhood divorce by pushing stuff onto the kids. It is my wife who needs to go to counseling.

As the day goes on she announces to our 11 yr old son that she approves of him playing games depicting shooting people. This has been a rule we have not allowed with any prior children. She says she thinks he is old enough. No consulting with me. We’re still married and living in the same house. She does this and shortly after is watching the Castle TV show which depicted a person, potentially a parent who gets torched while tied up in the trunk of their car by a sadistic person. These kind of violent shows has also been a point of conflict. She has watched these for a few years and the shows get worse and worse. Our children were raised with no broadcast tv for 15 years and in the past 5 she started more and more watching shows via the Internet as a couple we agreed on providing only uplifting media for the kids. She has undermined some of this family though mainly the daughters. The oldest is allowed to watch all kinds of horror movies and the youngest daughter is the one who watches the violent shows with her mom. I truly hope I can redirect the kids when they can get away from the trash for 2 weeks a month with me. I can successfully redirect the kids to good activities when I am around and they prefer it. The 2 boys will not participate in the tv shows at all by their own choice.

Of al the quality traits I saw and chose in my wife, they have all but disappeared. I no longer even see the person I chose. The person who I put up with for the kids sake disgusts me and I see her as a threat to a quality upbringing I hoped for my kids. I don’t fear for their physical safety with her but worried her twisted mind will do harm mentally.

It’s tough seeing someone like my wife who has no ability to process logic, consistency and wisdom at all.

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