The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

I find it curious that the many christian and jewish religions are the strongest supporters of women. Many other faiths are much more undermining of women. I believe this comes from an initial misinterpretation of the Jewish records which make up the bible itself. The Jewish faith is matriarchal not patriarchal to start with. This point alone is very important in understanding the female manipulation of the scriptures. Women have from the biginning have alays had power to manipulate while keeping them-self and their involvement hidden by design.

The bible records that Adam though created first was alone in the Garden of Eden and woman (Eve) was created afterwards as a help-mate and companion for him. The scenario of how Eve was tempted and beguiled by a serpent to partake of the forbidden fruit which then lead to their exile from the garden. Can you spot the fallacy in this scenario? My own personal experiences and Christianity’s own doctrine of making the woman out to be a forbidden fruit to man explains it all. Christianity only allows a man to partake of the fruit of a woman with an exception of marriage a binding element. This is a device designed by the matriarchal order to preserve their real dominance over man.

The reality of the woman being the forbidden fruit goes back to Adam. Eve herself is the forbidden fruit. Adam was forbidden to partake of the fruit which was Eve. She was a temptress in the garden, she is evil incarnate which existed beyond even Gods control. Gods command to not partake of her was well given. Adam however, having partaken of her fruit and thus creating a generation of fallen beings, stems from Adam’s sexual intercourse with evil itself. God had to exile them both as he had partaken of evil. The scriptures tell of mans fallen state and a need to be saved from Adams transgressions. The transgression was Eve, She is the Apple, She is the evil partaking, She is the the snake… the temptress.

When Adam was exiled from the Garden of Eden he was told the earth would be cursed for his sake and that he would be made to toil for his existence; hat the earth would bring forth weeds, thorns and thistle to torment man. Sound more like a misinterpretation and likely intentional by the author, a matriarchal faith secretly run by women (Judaism). Eve herself and woman kind were to be the torment for man and has proven that throughout time. Other cultures and faiths do not empower the female and perpetuate the evil and torment of mankind like the Judeo-Christian religions do. Empowering women bring more sorrow and torment for all. “There is no fury like a woman” is such a true statement. The most evil and kniving in this world are those who can do their evil with cunning, secrecy and undermined tactics disguised as good and innocence. Nothing defines women more with their mystery of mind, plotting and vengeance.

Some think is is odd that women are so vacant from the Bible, why they are mentioned so little. I do not find this odd. Evil prefers dark places, evil does not wish to be revealed. There are sufficient places where women are mentioned and they all involve manipulation of the man and weakness of man. These exploits document women’s ultimate control and mens inability to overcome them. Man was truly cursed by her presence and existence. Whey else is she void from Gods world. Why does God and the records of him even hide the existence of such a gender in his world if he is a benefit to be treasured and cherished.

Women have the power to make or break a man from the day they are born to the day they die. Their methods are great and varied. Their main method is to instill insecurities to feed the woman’s need to have her insecurities met and be worshipped. Like a God herself, the temptress seeks her subjects to worship her. She works to bind boys and mens hearts to her so they never can find their own worth and happiness. Fortunately not all men succumb to her power. Some women fail to instill that binding component at birth by rejecting her child. Though this failure may not endear the male completely to her it can still work to her advantage buy continually withholding acceptance of the child through rearing. This sometimes helps to motivate the boy through manhood to work for acceptance, often motivating him in general. Without the power to cut off his maternal acceptance, man never truly escapes the need to gain female acceptance.

Christianity fights against the tide of the gay men for good reason. The gay culture undermines female control. The gay man is a support movement empowering men to be independent of the female counterpart. To find satisfaction in either dismissing the woman altogether for independence or substituting it with a false replacement of male pseudo-femininity and self validation.

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